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Don’t just forget your shoes!

Shoe Care Tips

Do you know what your shoes are talking about? Yes, trust me they do talk about their owners. So basically in this quarantine, we are all stuck in our houses, no running, no gym and all. Hum apni roz ki zindagi mey apne kapro, kitabo aur najane esi kai cheezo ka dhyan rakh rahe hey, toh hum apne juto ko kaha bhul gaye.

Aur hum complain kartey hey ki , ek haftey pehle kharidey hue jutey itni jaldi khwarab kese hogaye? Iss question ka simple sa answer hey – Dekhbhal, agar ap dekhbhal nai karogey toh ye toh hona hi hey. Jee ha zis tarah hum kapro ki, kitabo ki dekhbhal kartey hey wese hi humey hamarey juto ki bhi dekhbhal karni chaiye.

So here are some shoe care toe tips for you and your shoes –

First of all whenever you buy shoes always ask for shoe box to keep them in there, so that you can use it further also.
Don’t keep your shoes in damp or wet places neither in dark places, this will avoid the growth of fungi and other bacteria’s which may infect your foot.
If you have leather shoes, then you should make sure you polish them regularly, this will avoid small scratches and water to enter. Also keep your leather shoes in moderate temperature.
Rubbing candles on the surface of your shoes can work as waterproof on rainy days which will not allow water droplets to enter.
You should keep your shoes dry and clean, if possible keep your shoes inside box or reusable plastic bags to avoid any insect or moisture to enter, this will keep your shoes clean.
Never keep your dirty shoes in your closet, it will give bacteria’s a good habitat to live, and importantly it will smell bad.
If you love your shoes then you should make sure it’s colors doesn’t fade, so keep it clean and dry.
Keeping clean doesn’t mean you should wash them regularly, this will affect the synthetic of the shoes and colour will fade away before time.
If you have two or more pair of shoes, wear them alternately, in this way your shoes will long last.
You should always separate your indoor and outdoor shoes, mix matching them can carry a lot of germs and bacteria’s which may enter your indoor and spread diseases.

Your clothes defines your personality and right pair of shoes defines your destiny.
So guys what are you waiting for ?
Go and see if your shoes are in good conditions or not.


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