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    Bhaiya ye kitne mei diya?

    Very bad at bargaining while shopping? Don’t worry we are here to help you out because being an Indian means bargaining karni zaroori hai.   Don’t show the shopkeeper that you are very much interested in their product and you are ready to pay any price to buy it. Control your excitement and ask the […] More



    Online Shopping : Shirt H ya Dhokha

    Once i ordered a black formal shirt for myself from one of the renowned online store. The shirt was quite expensive and also seemed pretty attractive. I was excited for the delivery of shirt but as soon the shirt arrived i was totally annoyed as the shirt was a big mess and was not at […] More

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    ganesh chaturthi Result page

    Play Quiz Here Play Quiz KABHI HAAR MAT MAANO, SEEKHO AUR AAGE BADHO To see results Share to our Facebook Page Challenge your 3 Friends on Facebook to play this Quiz with hashtags #whereistobuy #ganeshchaturthi #chaloaslishopping Read for Shopping Tips Shop Local here       Sponsored by More